About Us

Pasini Law is a New York premier boutique firm.  We represent only CEOs and senior executives as individuals and groups.  Our practice has evolved in such a way that we exclusively represent CEOs and senior executives who are either existing clients or who have been referred to us by our clients or our trusted colleagues – we’re quite fortunate to have such a practice, and we believe it inures to the benefit of our clients in that we are like a “family” of sorts.

Our practice focuses on the most important, sensitive and complex corporate transactions involving senior executive compensation, whether it be M&A, new CEO employment arrangements, separations and corporate successions / transitions to retirement.  Since we represent only executives in their individual capacity, we rarely have conflicts of interests.

Mr. Pasini is the founding partner of Pasini Law. His practice focuses on all aspects of CEO and senior executives’ employment relationships, as well as the transactional aspects of executive compensation and employee benefits in the context of M&A (in both the public company and the private company context).  Mr. Pasini is a thought leader in the area of Section 280G of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as Sections 409A and 83 of the IRC.  Negotiations involving employment, compensation (including equity compensation), separation and other service contracts are the bedrock of his practice.  For over 30 years, Mr. Pasini has represented prominent institutions and individuals at the most prestegious law firms in the world in their most important and challenging transactions, where discretion is of paramount concern.

Our Of Counsel is a high-stakes New York Super Lawyer employment litigator and negotiator with over two decades of experience.  He is also an expert in non-competes and other restrictive covenants.  Our Special Counsel is a highly experienced executive compensation expert with a special emphasis on private equity arrangements, hedge funds and LLC / partnership agreements and profits interest plans.